Sunday, 1 March 2015

Australian Romance Readers Convention 2015

Viveka will be attending the ARRC in Canberra 6th March - 8th March 2015

Australian Romance Readers Awards

The Private Affairs of Lady Jane Fielding

Winners will be announced at the Awards Dinner 7th March.

Viveka will also be signing and a panellist in Concurrent session 4B
-Sex in the subgenre-

We’re throwing the bedroom doors wide open in this session as we talk about the many different positions ways in which sex scenes spice up a romance. We’ll bust through the stigma and stereotypes surrounding steamy novels, explore what happens when sex becomes part of worldbuilding, and persuade our authors to give us snippets of the most intense sex scenes they’ve ever written.

Whether you prefer your fictional sex in the bedroom or in outer space, missionary or doggy-style (literally, for the shapeshifter fans!), with or without accessories, and in any combination of participants, you won’t want to miss this sexy session with Delwyn Jenkins, Donna Gallagher, Viola Grace, and Viveka Portman.

(P.S. Make sure you grab a Smutty Buzzword Bingo card at the door—potty mouths will be rewarded!)

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