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Viveka Portman spends a great deal of her writing time researching facts to add to the authenticity of her work. Below are some links to books, blogs and websites that help recreate the Regency era in which a number of her books are situated.


Allen, L., 2014, Walk through Regency London, Amazon Media, England.

Boswell, J., 1762, Boswell's London Journal 1762-63, Edinburgh University Press (2004).

Chapone. H., 1773, Letters on the improvement of the Mind, Addressed to a young Lady, Volume 1., Printed by H. Hughes for J. Walter, Charring Cross London.

De Quincey, T., 1821, Confessions of an English Opium Eater, republished by Penguin Classics, 2003.

Kearney, P., 1982, History of Erotic Literature, Macmillan, England.

Rendell, M., 2012, Journal of a Georgian Gentleman: The life and times of Richard Hall 1729 - 1801, The Book Guild, UK.

Smythers, R.,  1894, Sex Tips, for Husbands and Wives, (2008 ed), Summersdale Publishers, West Sussex.

Stone, L.,  1979, The Family, Sex and Marriage, In England 1500 -1800, Harper Torchbooks, New York.

Wilkes, J., 1763, An Essay on a Woman, in Three Epistles, printed for author and sold by Mr Gretton, London.

Blogs and Websites - Has a wealth of information regard the Regency era, manners, clothing, jobs etc.  - It is important to know what words were used and what were not. - Offers a selection of historical erotic artworks.

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