Thursday, 2 April 2015

The Journal of a Vicar's Wife


~Excerpt from the diary of Mrs Maria Reeves~
Monday, May 3rd 1813
The Vicarage, Stanton, England

 "For all that my husband spoke of abstinence and betterment through suffering and self denial, I could not agree. I had come to feel that if my husband did not wish for intimate discourse, then in lieu of him, Henry Goddard could oblige me.  I know it is a sin, I know it a betrayal, but in those moments when I am alone with Mr Goddard, I can think of nothing else.

‘Hush now Henry,’ I chided again. ‘You’re positively soaking,’ I began to unbutton his shirt.
His light blue eyes darkened.

‘Mrs Reeves,’ Henry was about to offer another excuse, but as the door closed I pressed my lips to his to silence any further discussion.

I kissed Mr Goddard, pressing my lips into his cool damp ones. My body loosened beneath my skirts and longing surged through my flesh. For just a moment, he played reluctantly seduced.

It was our familiar dance. It was only a matter of time until I did with him what I may.

 My kiss deepened and in another moment he yielded completely, his mouth opened and I swept my tongue inside. He tasted sweet and wholesome.

 Not breaking our kiss, I continued unbuttoning his shirt and waistcoat until the damp cloth was gone and nothing separated my eager hands from his hot golden flesh.
He was beautifully made, a true angel, sent from the Heaven’s to offer me bodily satisfaction where my husband wouldn’t. " 

The Journal of a Vicar's Wife, is the fifth and final instalment in the Regency Diaries Series.